DSL Modem vs Cable Modem

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DSL Modem vs Cable Modem

DSL and cable modems both offer their own specific advantages and disadvantages. It’s hard to argue one or the other as the objective “best” option for internet without knowing the customer’s specific circumstance and needs, but either option will give you good service and high speed.

The short answer is that cable plugs into your cable jack and DSL plugs into your phone jack. Of course, this doesn’t nearly cover the many differences between the two services. This being said, if you are switching from cable to DSL than you cannot reuse your modem.

Which one is the better service?

For many users, the difference comes down to convenience. If you have cable television and your provider offers an internet-included deal, then you may well go for it. If your phone provider offers great DSL service, then you may choose to go that way, instead.

In terms of the technology at play, cable is theoretically faster than DSL, but it’s far less consistent in that speed, so one day you may find that it’s twice as fast as DSL, and the next it may be half that speed.

Cost and reliability tend to rate a little better when it comes to DSL, and these may be two contributing factors when it comes to the service’s higher customer satisfaction rates in comparison to cable. This isn’t to say that you should write cable off out of hand, only that there are some clear advantages to DSL.

So, whats best for your home?

The reality is that, from a technological standpoint, most users can’t tell DSL and cable apart. The big differences tend to come into play when service providers offer DSL at a lower price than cable or vice versa. Some providers will charge you a small fee to rent a modem, while others won’t. Make sure that you ask our experts if a new Internet service provider will charge you, as these costs can add up over time.

Looking at DSL vs Cable in fewer words: DSL tends to be more reliable and cheaper, while the biggest technological difference is that cable provides a broader bandwidth and higher speed, but in practice, this point is rarely relevant.

Still undecided?

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