Is DSL Faster than Cable?
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Is DSL Faster than Cable?

If you’re trying to decide between DSL and cable based on speed, the problem you’re going to face is that not all DSL connections are faster than all cable connections. It’s a tricky judgement to make and it rests on a number of factors, including:

Providers in your area

In some areas, the people who provide DSL are going to give you the fastest possible Internet for the best price. In other areas you might not have access to great DSL, and you’ll wind up going with cable. After doing a little shopping around it should be easy to know who offers better service in your area.

Your Internet needs

Cable Internet can offer faster service than DSL, but if you need an “always on” connection, you get that more with DSL than with cable Internet connections. DSL uses existing lines with no real installation necessary, so while the two can be comparable in raw speed, a big download will generally take less time on DSL since there’s no downtime.

Your package deal

If you watch television through the same cable connection that brings you your Internet, then you’re going to wind up with both of them sharing a single length of cable, which can seriously drain on your Internet speed. If you use DSL, then the only other things sapping your Internet speed will be the devices that you connect to your router, so even with two comparable packages, DSL can wind up being faster than cable.

At the end of the day, it really varies from person to person. If you’re using DSL or cable for nothing but Internet, and if you have a choice of great Internet providers with both DSL and cable, then their speeds are comparable. In other instances, DSL may be the clearly superior option in terms of speed.

Still not sure?

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