Router vs. Modem
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Router vs. Modem

Just like a car wouldn’t be any use without tires, your DSL connection relies on more than just your computer. Routers and modems are integral parts of DSL Internet – but what exactly are they?

It’s less of a question of a router vs. a modem – they don’t compete against each other, they work together. Think of a router and modem as a duo – they help each other out and work together to bring you a fast and reliable DSL connection.

Your router is the detail guy. Your modem is the idea man.

Computer Router Modem
Function When you get online, your computer sends signals to the router. Here, your router directs traffic from your computer to the modem. Here, your modem converts the signals from your router and establishes your DSL connection.

Going wireless: router vs. modem

Making your Internet connection wireless is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Going wireless gives you the freedom to move around your house while still getting the benefits of a high-speed Internet connection. It’s easy to do yourself – all you need is a wireless router.

A wireless router is your base, your Wi-Fi access point. In this case, your router works as an Ethernet switch, since you aren’t using a hardline Ethernet cord.

Internet for your computer is just one thing – a wireless router can also makes it possible for you to get online with tablets, laptops and other Internet-enabled devices.

Wireless equipment is just one example of the different types of wireless modems and routers. Each Internet service uses its own type of technology – that means the routers and modems used for DSL are different than the ones used for cable, satellite and dial-up Internet connections.

Bottom line, routers and modems are both integral parts to a DSL connection. They team up with your computer to make up your small home network, and make a big impact on how you get online.