How to Boost your Wi-Fi Signal

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How to Boost your Wi-Fi Signal

Boosting your Wi-Fi signal isn’t impossible. There are actually more ways than one to give your Wi-Fi signal a little more oomph. Here are just a few ideas to help you to get the most out of your wireless Internet:

Center your WAP

Take your router or WAP and figure out the exact center point of your network. Your router is going to be sending and receiving signals in an omni-directional manner, which basically means "every which way." Think of your router’s range of contact as a big sphere with the signal getting stronger towards the core with the strongest point being right next to the router itself. When you center your WAP or your router, you make sure that everyone is a roughly equal distance from the router and gets roughly the same quality signal. You can also get closer for a stronger signal as needed.

Update your firmware

Sometimes boosting your signal can be as easy as clicking "yes" when you’re asked to update your firmware. Check the manufacturer of your router and head to their website. They should have everything you need to update your driver and your firmware so that you can bring your device up to speed. Typically, all of this is absolutely free

Mount your router

Here’s a fun, quick project that will help to boost your Wi-Fi signal: create a wall mount for your wireless router. Be sure that you choose a location that is central to your home, and that is close to all of the places that you access the Internet. If you are lucky enough to live in a home with multiple levels and a basement, a second router, or signal repeater may by in order for you. Many modern routers have holes in the back to insert nails or screws, much like a picture frame.

Once you have your ideal location picked out, you’ll want to find a good wall stud that is close to a cabinet or other large piece of furniture to hide wires. Tap small nails (your router inst that heavy) into the wall and place your router onto the nails. This will allow your Wi-Fi signal to travel greater distances than if it was sitting on the floor or in a cabinet.

Every home Internet connection is different

Dealing with a weak Wi-Fi signal can be a real pain, as we need fast, reliable Internet to do, well, just about anything these days. These three tips should help you, and if they don’t, then the problem may lie not with your router but with weak Internet. If you’re looking to upgrade you Internet service, call the number on this screen. You’ll have the opportunity to speak with an Internet expert who can get you hooked up with today’s top of the line Internet connections at an affordable price.