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DSL: Find a DSL Provider in Your Area

You’re looking for a new, faster Internet service. You search online – but oh man, you weren’t expecting this many options. Now what do you do?

You let us help you. Here, at DSL.com, you have a ton of great options that fit all kinds of budgets. DSL is a versatile Internet service, and DSL providers offer you versatile plans and bundle options. But first, what exactly is DSL?

National Internet Averages

High Speed Availability DSL Availability Average Internet Speed
99.4% 88.2% 8.6Mbps

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DSL basics: Why DSL is a smart choice

DSL, or digital subscriber line, is Internet technology that comes through a landline – but, you don’t even need a home phone to get DSL. A home phone is inexpensive to bundle with DSL Internet service, but not necessary to have.

What else makes DSL one of the most popular options for high-speed Internet?

  • Naked DSL still has you covered. Not everyone wants a home phone – and you don’t have to have one to get speedy DSL service. Naked DSL is DSL without a landline phone service – it gives you all the benefits of a DSL connection without a home phone.
  • The more you get, the less hassle it is. So yes, you can get DSL without a home phone, but more and more people are bundling their DSL service with a landline phone. Why? Because it’s incredibly convenient. You can order both on the same phone call, and you can get both for an affordable low monthly rate.
  • Fast is just the beginning. A fast Internet connection is what you need to check email, sports highlights, weather – essentially keep tabs on what’s going on around you. DSL providers offer different plans with different download and upload speeds, designed to give you fast Internet, but for a price you can afford.

Find out more about why DSL is a smart choice for you by finding your home state from the list below.

DSL Coverage

DSL by State

The promise of fast Internet doesn’t mean much to you if it’s not available where you live – that’s one of the biggest challenges of high-speed Internet: availability.

Where you live is the biggest indicator of what type of Internet providers offer service. Fortunately, DSL is available in both rural areas outside of cities, suburbs on the outskirts of cities, and in neighborhoods within city limits.

So, what’s the easiest way for you to find DSL Internet? Call the Internet experts. They know all there is to know about DSL in your area, and can guide you toward the right provider and plan.